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  • hopkinsdavid 1 year ago

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    Thanks for this, an excellent list that mirrors my own experience and ideas for QR Codes and how they can be used in and around classrooms. I have just recently released this ebook on QR Codes in Education, which your readership may find interesting:


    All the best, David

  • yoatts75 1 year ago

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    Thanks for the info. i've been noticing them around and just hadn't taken the time to research again nice glog and very informational

  • mizdiz1961 2 years ago

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    Great information for how to utilize QR codes in the classroom. Thanks!

  • mrshoward118 2 years ago

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    I'm a HUGE fan of QR Codes! Please see my blog for even more tips, suggestions and ideas. http://www.yoursmarticles.blogspot.com.

  • lconley86 2 years ago

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    very good!

  • bonnellj931 2 years ago

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    please visit my profile.

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