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  • hopkinsdavid 10 months ago

    hopkinsdavid's avatar

    Thanks for this, an excellent list that mirrors my own experience and ideas for QR Codes and how they can be used in and around classrooms. I have just recently released this ebook on QR Codes in Education, which your readership may find interesting:


    All the best, David

  • yoatts75 1 year ago

    yoatts75's avatar

    Thanks for the info. i've been noticing them around and just hadn't taken the time to research again nice glog and very informational

  • mizdiz1961 1 year ago

    mizdiz1961's avatar

    Great information for how to utilize QR codes in the classroom. Thanks!

  • mrshoward118 1 year ago

    mrshoward118's avatar

    I'm a HUGE fan of QR Codes! Please see my blog for even more tips, suggestions and ideas. http://www.yoursmarticles.blogspot.com.

  • lconley86 1 year ago

    lconley86's avatar

    very good!

  • bonnellj931 1 year ago

    bonnellj931's avatar

    please visit my profile.

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